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Gel liners for an even better fit with our newest design coming available.
Clayton Baethge, J.B.Mauney, McKinnon Wimberly, Austin Meier, Pistol Robinson, Jordan Hupp and a handful of Brazilians and Australians are all backing our new product.
1. Most impact absorbing liner
2. Longer ear covers
3. Front saddle Clip
4. Titanium face guard, the lightest weight strongest material in the world.
5. Stabilizer temporal clips (never straightened in any known accident). Keeps the face guard from entering the safe zone when struck with an impact blow.
6. Patent on spacing of the bars in the face guard so that a horn tip will not protrude.
7. Free floating 4 point chin strap under the helmet as opposed to the makeshift equestrian helmet whose design allows your chin to rest on the front of the 1/8′ wires potentially caving in to your eyes and face.
Our one goal at II tough is to reduce head trauma in bull riding accidents. Free floating chin straps with high hook up provides for a more secure fitting head gear.

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II Tough, the leader in world head protection. Total weight a little over 2 lbs. Offering more impact absorption than any other and less neck strain to boot. If you want the titanium face guard why wouldnt you want the safest shell? II Tough tweeked face guards absorbing approximately 30% more impact and II Tough shell almost twice the impact over Bull Tough.
II Tough head gear system!

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