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"The New Look of the Old West" - Texas Saddlery Belts are the highest quality leather available and enforce strict quality standards. The company is family owned and operated in Alba, TX. The founders are Dale Martin and Rory Boren together they combine a lifetime of personal experience and professional service dedicated to the western industry and lifestyle. The design and quality of the products are inspired in the tradition of the "old west". Texas Saddlery branded products are rugged enough for ranch and work wear, and attractive enough for out on the town. Its a durable product that is long lasting and has the "look and appeal" you will be proud to own.

Texas Saddlery Belts are designed in a variety of styles and colors. The Western Line of Straight and Tapered Belts are all hand cut from the highest quality of Saddle Skirting. The individual belts are crafted using hand tooled designed to create unique stamped, or tooled pattern. The Edges are hand rubbed and dyed. All belts in the Western Category are 'lined' with an additional piece of leather cut and sewn to the underside of the belt. This adds to the strength, comfort and durability of the belt. The finishing process is completed with the application of oils and a protective coating which nourishes and preserves the leather.

My years of experience in the western retail business while fitting men and women in pants and belts is to fit them to their pants size and then the belt. If the pants size is a 34 then the belt size should be a 36. When purchasing a Texas Saddlery Belt, add 2" or 3" to your pant size to get the correct size. This normally allows the buckle to fit in the middle hole of the precut holes. These belts do come with buckles but can be easily replaced with your own belt buckle by unsnapping the two heavy duty snaps or Chicago screws.

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