1200 Custom Ride Right Leather Adult Bull Riding Vest

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We do not stock Ride Right vests. Ride Right vest orders will be sent to Ride Right to be made and will take 2-4 weeks for your vest to be delivered. The shipping method that you choose will take affect after your vest is made which will take up to 3 weeks.

The 1200 series is a staple of Right Right’s line-up of bull riding vests. With its three part construction (two frontal segments and one rear), sharp western styling and double top-stitched seams, this vest is designed to keep your riding hard and looking great. Featuring Ride Right’s original Impact Dispersing Shield TM configuration, this vest keeps you confident and safe, right out of the gate.

  • Zippered front for easy access. The zipper is backed with high-density foam and ballistic material to protect this small but vital area.
  • Ultra-light, weighing in around two pounds.
  • Customizable fit, with three detachable segments and a variety of adjustable fasteners.
  • Maximum body coverage across chest and under arms.
  • Competition-ready, with number tabs, front pockets, and breakaway shoulders.
  • The 1200 Series was tested by Rapra Technology Ltd. for shock absorption in accordance with Appendix A of the BETA specifications for Body Protectors. The vest met requirements, and even exceeded the BETA 7 standard for body protectors.

Tall sizing on this rodeo vest is available¸ may take an extra week. These Ride Right vests run quite long.  The tall Ride Right vests are about 2 inches longer.  Colors cost $30 more than black leather.