Custom Lambert Master Pro Adult Rodeo Vest

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We do not stock Ride Right vests. Ride Right vest orders will be sent to Ride Right to be made and will take 2-4 weeks for your vest to be delivered. The shipping method that you choose will take affect after your vest is made which will take up to 3 weeks.

LMP Series Bull Riding Vest Thermoformed Flexibility - The Shock absorbing panels are thermoformed to create a grid system which follows body and bone patterns. This grid system creates channels on the inside of the vest which allow it to flex with the body while maintaining a continuous outer skin further enhancing the shock spread to a larger area for absorption. Shock Spreader A protective shield made from 4th generation ballistic material mechanically fastened to a thin high density sports foam which distributes the impact energy out from the point of impact thereby bring more of the shock absorbing thermoformed foam into play. The ballistic shock spreader is standard on all Ride Right vest except for the economy youth vest.

Function, Fit & Form - Very light weight, weighs in at less than 2 pounds. Pro-rodeo "necessities": Break-away shoulders, number tabs, front pockets. Adjustable straps at sides to prevent ride-up. Sharp western cut with double topstitched seams.

Testing Standards - The 1200 Series was tested by Rapra Technology Ltd. for shock absorption in accordance with Appendix A of the BETA specifications for Body Protectors. Accordingly Rapra Technology considers that the protectors conform with the requirements of the BETA Specification and exceed the BETA 7 standard. 3-piece design (front pieces completely separate from the back) sharp western cut with double topstitched seams.

Styling - Zippered front for easy on/off with zipper cover additionally the zipper area is protected with additional high density foam and ballistic material. Very light weight, weighs in at less than 2 pounds. Breakaway shoulder's separate and attach with hook and loop fastening. Front overlaps back at sides for continuity of side protection and maximum adjustability. Hidden hook and loop fastening for size adjustment, buckles and leather straps at sides prevent ride-up and stability of closure; maximum body coverage across chest and under arms. Pro-rodeo necessities include: Breakaway shoulders, number tabs, front pockets.