Brazilian Bull Rope 7/8" Handle 1" Soft Tail

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This is an Brazilian rope with an American style block on it. The Brazilian bull rope has become quite the new trend in today's bull riding industry. Many of the bull riders are switching over to Brazilian style rope because of the way the rope pulls. Thus pulling your hand to the center of the bulls back unlike an American bull rope. Manufactured by Beastmaster Rodeo Products who have been building bull ropes for over 50 years. This rope is part of Beastmaster's signature series.

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  • Type: Traditional Brazilian 
  • Block: American 
  • Length: 16" Foot
  • Handle Lace: Full
  • Handle: 7/8"
  • Handle Plat: 9 Plat
  • Tail: 1" Soft Tail
  • Tail Plat: 7 Plat
  • Loop: Lace
  • Wear Strip: Yes