Bullrider Custom Pro Rodeo Chaps

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"Bull Rider" Pro Rodeo Chaps by Saddle Barn are custom made to order with a 3 to 4 oz. top grain leather body that is hand cut, with metallic leather fringe. Your choice of three (3) colors include the body, yoke, billet and leg designs and can be top grain and/or metallic leather on this popular pair of rodeo chaps. Coordinating thigh strings with conchos and single fringe to match are standard. Double fringe is available for an additional charge. Leg straps are all hand riveted with copper rivets. The custom rodeo chaps with metallic have styles a, b, c, d, e. For your convenience the 2nd graphic on each chaps shows all 5 styles together. You may do the yoke, billet, and legs the same or mix and match. Please allow about 4 weeks for these custom rodeo chaps to be made.