Colored Signature Series Bull Rope 7/8" Handle 1" Soft Tail

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The Colored Signature Series Bull Rope is Beastmaster Rodeo's top end bull rope.This rope is very durable and known for being firmer than the Pro Series Bull Rope. Hand made by an expert braids-man this rope was built to last and is the top pick of many of the bull riders at the professional level. Manufactured by Beastmaster Rodeo who has been building bull ropes for over 50 years. 

Only available in white

  • Type: Colored Rope Material
  • Body: Nylon
  • Block: Signature Series
  • Length: 16" Foot
  • Handle Lace: Full
  • Handle: 7/8"
  • Handle Plat: 9 Plat
  • Tail: 1" Soft Tail
  • Tail Plat: 7 Plat
  • Keepers: Yes
  • Wear Strip: Yes 

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