Gold Buckle Roping Series

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Gold Buckle Roping Series

All roping cattle are different, and you never know what you will draw at your next roping or rodeo. Unique dovetail system allows quick and easy head changes. Just slide and snap another head in place for a new challenge. The neck gives you realistic practice as well. When you draw a bad steer you will sometimes need to rope him around the neck. Now you have that option on your dummy.

Tipped Corriente: Classic Mexican steer. 24" hornspread. Intermediate ropers.

Young Steer: 19" hornspread. Great for learning how not to hickey the horns. Recommended for kids and beginner ropers.

Calf Head: With this unique head and neck, calf ropers will get the most accurate practice system available today. Ideal for calf ropers and team ropers roping mulies.