Offset Bull Rope 7/8" Handle 7/8" Soft Tail

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This offset bull rope is was made to help with any rider having wrist issues. The purpose of the offset rope is to take the pressure off of your elbow and wrist. If you are dealing with problems relating to strains in your riding arm, you may want to consider making the switch to a offset bull rope. Manufactured by Beastmaster Rodeo Products. 

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  • Type: Traditional
  • Block: Offset
  • Length: 16" Foot
  • Handle Lace: Full
  • Handle: 7/8"
  • Handle Plat: 9 Plat
  • Tail: 7/8" Soft Tail
  • Tail Plat: 7 Plat
  • Loop: Lace
  • Wear Strip: Yes