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Ride Right Flex Thin Pro Leather Bull Riding Vest

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Original price $450.00 - Original price $480.00
Original price
$450.00 - $480.00
Current price $450.00

Out of stock vests have an 8 week minimum production time on the order before it will ship. Our website will still let you place an order even though it is out of stock!

Please measure before you purchase! Here is how to measure:

  • Waist: Measure around your belly button NOT your pants waist size
  • Chest: Lift up arms measure all the way around chest area
  • Over The Shoulder: Measure from top of the belt in front, running up and over shoulder, to the top of the belt on backside (like suspenders).


Waist                          30 to 34
Chest                          33 to 38
Over the Shoulder 36 to 40

(Add 4" to "Over the Shoulder" for Tall)


Waist                          33 to 37
Chest                          37 to 42
Over the Shoulder 39 to 43

(Add 4" to "Over the Shoulder" for Tall)


Waist                          36 to 40
Chest                          41 to 46
Over the Shoulder 42 to 46

(Add 4" to "Over the Shoulder" for Tall)


Waist                          39 to 43
Chest                          45 to 50
Over the Shoulder 45 to 49

(Not available in Tall size)


  • This vest is a lighter/slimmer fitting bull riding vest (30% thinner and more flexible than most bull riding vests)
  • Very comparable to the Phoenix 2020 but provides more coverage for protection (around waist & arms) 
  • Comfortable & looks great
  • Genuine Leather
  • 3-Piece Design
  • High Density Foam
  • Ballistic Material
  • Two Front Pockets
  • Double Stitch Construction
  • Zipper Cover
  • Number Tabs

Adjustable over both your shoulders and on your sides (ribs) to ensure proper fit