Standard Slobber Strap Rein

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These Standard Slobber Strap Rein are 5/8€ thick with tie on leather slobber straps. They are made of a very high quality 5/8€ double braid rope. 
These reins are a great addition to your horse tack collection and make great trailriding, endurance, break colts or training reins. This is a very high quality rope and the weight gives you a great feel. They have leather poppers on each end. You can choose from a variety of colors. 
COLOR: Red Wine
Why I Chose This:

€œtraining young qtr horse gelding€

Alfred T. 

€œYoung Horse in training and Old Horse in Suppleness training.€


€œLike the slobber strap.€

Stephanie S. 

€œlove mine, hoping these are as nice.€

Dani J.